Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kelakar Siot. Post "Aku Bijak Jauhi Zina" versi english guna Google Translate. Haha

Malay to English translation

I wisely stay away from adultery.FYI, Smart Keep your program Zina which will be held at the National Mosque in 31december-1, I join, I request from a friend, Zahirah. I maybe a little sad because many of my friends who could not attend. I'm looking forward to go there. :)
Anyways, today (15 minutes ago), some people call me, numbernye anon., First I remember, the smart-Keep-You-tu Zina the call, so I shall answer je lah, I said hello, he gave greeting, I was kind of, Oops, I finished la ... her coat I read the verses do not expect anything to, I want punye skills testing to what, I was desperate la, suddenly he tanye news, I was responsible, the good news. His voice stern, sounds like a man aged 30-40 an.
Then he tanye, healthy families?, I answered all the questions he je, I use my schema section la Derr, I took it, she says, want to return tonight Ude Kelantan, and from there I've noticed is, my cousin who rupenye call. hampeh, siot shame. adehh, (FYI, my cousin tu Ude, at her age want to go 22/23 years. Dah is a career.) In much my cousin, she was the closest to me. The others were close takde jugak but the other is to call every month .. best best.Either way, I want the story je tu kat monthly / yearly. haha, bored eh?. hehe. je la .. respond Salam.

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