Monday, January 24, 2011

Boredom of a 17yearsold student.

The only thing that fascinated me becoming a 17yearsold kid is that i'm now the senior in my school. And also i'm much more friendly person than i was before. Due to some pathetic reason, yes, i entered the Leadership Course in my school, (yes, i'm a prefect), and i met this kid, he's in Form 3, though he was younger than me, he seems very mature, or should i say much more mature than me. So since then, we're like close friends. And so i'm making this conclusion, i'm a much more friendly person than i was before.

As i was saying, some other interesting rumors about me coupling with this random, (well, she's not just some random girl, she's my neighbor and also my cousin's bestfriend.) has been the rumor of the day. Yey me!? bahh, for a teenage boy who loves to make his own conclusion, i really... hate it when a part of my private life talked publicly. And frankly, i really don't mind actually, the rumor isn't true about us, yes, we're close, but we're not BFGF. But i'll tell you this, i am on a mission, involving this Jane Doe and that Form 3 kid. Till then. Wassalam.



Amirul Adlan said...

bahh, error sana sini. nvm. Sorry.

zahirahharyati said...

LOLOLOLOL. best entry

Amirul Adlan said...

Zahirah, aww. thankiu. :)