Monday, February 21, 2011

A night as a loner.

Yep, i'm currently sitting alone in my small room, eating Squiggles. LOL. It's a bun with chocolate cream in it. 
Looks pretty tasty isn't it?

As i was doing my BM homework, i got famished and there is no more leftovers left, so i decided to buy something from a shop which situated less than 100 meter from my house. That shop is called Kedai Kadir(??).

So i got on my sleepy feet and walked there alone in the dark and i saw two guys on a motorcycle and i was like, please don't kill me. LOL. Seriously.

Oh yeah, i bought that Squiggles. Tada. Now it makes sense right?

So yea, everyone was actually staring at me as i walked into the shop, coz i wore this : 
Yep, i guess i was too patriotic tonight. haha. :D 



Muhammad Aqib said...

Pasang lampu. coz x nampak sangat.. n lol diorang sume pandang kau sbb kau nampak cam "waldo".

Amirul Adlan said...

lol. that bun actually make me more hungry. haha
WTH is a Waldo?

Muhammad Aqib said...

This is a waldo.