Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour-ing myself.

HAHA, how long has it been? Missed me? HAHA. 

Ok, as we all know that earth hour is going to be held tonight at 8.30pm(??) Well. Unfortunately, i'm all alone here in my house. And yes i'm scared. Thus, i won't turn the lights off for ONE Fking HOUR this year. (Alasan jerk.) *

But, i promised to earth that i'll turn only [one light, one fan, and my lappy] during the earth hour, and i'll be recording my last 5 minutes of earth hour moments just for you guys. OK?. HAHA. Ok see ya later. :P

*and the funny thing is, i don't even know the real purpose of doing earthhour. *

Oh Lawak dari abang aku.

(My bro otw to Sg. Buloh. from Shah Alam.)
(On the phone nieh.)
Me : Bro, you don't drive too fast ok.
Bro : Ok. Oh wait. Tonight is earth hour right?
Me : Oh yea, forgot.
Bro : Ok i might be late laa.
Me : Why?
Bro : I have to drive extra slow. I can't see in the dark meyh.
Me : What happen to your headlights?
Bro : The headlights also must be turned off right? HAHA.
Me : LOLOLOL. ==' 

Not funny eh? HUHU.


S.Nadhir said...

Ececeh, bukan engkau seorang je yg forever alone kat rumah.
aku lagi lah takde abg ke apa pun yg nak balik malam tu.

aku sampai tertidur kut tunggu diorang kut.

+aku terlupa pasal Earth Hour sebab sibuk sgt main The Sims Medieval. maaf Ibu Pertiwiiii.

▽mirul ▽dlan said...

Aku teringat ada earth hour pun sebab ada orang ingatkan aku. haha :P

Muhammad Aqib said...

LOL. Boleh lak dia buat lawak masa tu. Xpe, bukan kau sorang je yang buat earth hour tu tanpa purpose. yang aku lak ibu aku yang ingatkan. cuba bayangkan.