Friday, March 18, 2011

Mereka bagaikan orang kerdil dalam cerita Puteri Salju.

Orang Astro sudah mari, pasang itu Astro baru punya. 

Well, it's turned out that the old Astro dish was fucked by the weather and lol lucky for us, we don't have to pay any cents for the new dish. haha. But we have to pay for Byond package which i can't find the benefits yet. HAHA HD?? LOL sorry but i'm not a fan of HDs' viewings. And yep, i just found out that we have TVIQ(google yourself) which also not very my thing. Hehe. ==' I hate myself for making people sleepy. Wassalam. 

*the Astro people are so tall and i was like, "ceh makan CalciYum(google sendiri) lah tu. haha"*


Muhammad Aqib said...

Diaorang tinggi sebab nak install piring terbang tu...

▽mirul ▽dlan said...

correction, not TVIQ, it's Astro Tutor something2.