Friday, April 8, 2011

Pure sweat. By Adlan.

Naming a fragrance isn't that hard. Pure Sweat, hah, sounds tempting already. Talking about the school's Roadrun, which i entered, sweat and running like a hella G-6 did not worth it bcoz i lost. Oh did i mention i was defeated by bunch of junior, arghhh. MALU SIOT. .... 

Anyways, the mood killers haven't stop, House of Hang Kasturi *i'm a Hang Kasturi-an.* did won something, but the Hang Tuah was the so called champion of the day, pttff. Yeah yeah, they deserve it, i know i know. HAHA. It's all about jealousy isn't it? HAHA. Pathetic much? ;)

Well, i'm currently watching IMAM MUDA on Astro Oasis, omg they are so talented. Hurmm, i wish i can enter Imam Muda someday. Heh. :D 

*grammatical error can't be avoid. HAHA*

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Muhammad Aqib said...

hohohohohoho bangga jadi rumah tuah.. walaupun x datang tadi.. hohoho