Saturday, April 16, 2011


Trying to forget problems i faced today, listening to music coz i found it comforting to me. Nevertheless, drinking milks also helps, in a very weird way that is. HAHA.

Anyways, while browsing the interesting world of google, i saw this > IIUM. Well, i was hoping that i would be able to continue my studies there. Psychology meyh. The one and the only university providing Foundation In Psychology is IIUM *i think*. Why Psychology you ask? HEH? Why not? 

But till then, i will just have to focus on my current studies here in SMKBBSB. My beloved school till death. Where i met the most interesting people and cats. Teachers, i'll never forget what have you teach me, thanks so much. Friends... . Juniors who i will missed a lot. HEHE. *tulis gaya bagai, bajet SPM dah habis jerk. haha*

Oh yea, SPM dulu. SPM oh SPM. I'll fight till death for you o' SPM. LOL. SEMANGAT. 

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