Monday, January 16, 2012

Otak Hilang Pedoman.

It has been a while since the brain actually working to the max. Done a lot of thinking but never, purely, thought the stuff that worth to be thought of. Failed!

Never and believe me never underestimate the pure love of Allah swt. the mighty. Because He has create the most beautiful 'thing' that I bet most of the people(brainless) would kill to have one. BRAIN. Be thankful people !

It has been a very tough week and even now I am having trouble to write this entry whole-y in English. ( just to strengthen my English Language. )

Most of my problems I encountered during the Sun absence(I'm nocturnal, dontcyaknow?). The light from the laptop's screen brighten my night while the laptop(with internet connection) serves me with pure goody information on UPU. 

I just don't get it. ==' WHY? Why am I so excited about this? The SPM result aren't going to be announced any sooner. This is so stupid. Why am I wasting my time with this such thing? 

Ahh, but wait, gathering information about something you curios about isn't labeled as wasting-you-time right? It is beneficial and it is not running against any law(as far as my concern). So, wehoo. :P 

But then again, what is there to be stressed out about the UPU? :o I have chosen the course that I really wanted, believe it or not. But I'm also need to make sure that is what I really want. So yea, research ! Haha.

Be Blessed People ! ..and do please tell me if there's any grammatical error or even information error within this humble entry of mine. Do(n't) comment. Appreciate it.. ;)

Note ; UPU stands for Unit Pusat University. :P 


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Hanizafirah Ibharim said...

Kau sangat serius kan pasal upu ni ?
Good , you wake me :) HAHA.
eh , aku amik asasi TESL, and banyak course yang aku pilih kat UIAM, so kalau takdir Allah nanti rezeki aku kau kat situ. Jangan sombong :) ahah *berangan*

p/s ; aku risau gak doe result ni. err