Friday, July 11, 2014

Cliffing the Hangers


During the study week of semester 1, I spent most of my time in the library. There was this one time, the area was packed and surely I should have known because it was study week, and people wanted to study!

Usually there will be me, a few friends and caffeine, but not this time, it was just me and a cup of Nescafe. The crowd was loud and more people getting in and it gets pretty stuffy in there. But I don't really mind, it was interesting watching other people and their study methods.

It was 4am, at this time, my eyes were already tired. The crowd are now getting lesser. I kept my book away and dozed off. Taking a nap while listening to Mountains by Yuna, it was awesome. The lyrics were good, the rhythm moves you, it was perfect.

There is just one problem, at that night, all sort of emotions mingling within me. Yes, it sounded cliche, but that is what I felt that night. I came alone, I felt lonely. I saw people studying, I felt pressured. It is not quantum mechanics, you are what you feel, simple as that.

Having to experienced that made me realized, there are many things that I have not learnt to cope with yet. The life of university student came along with responsibilities, grades and those sort of thing. It is hard, but that is just life, having to continuously coping and surviving.

Semester 1 made me a better student and I surely want to keep improving from time to time. Semester 2? Next post maybe? ;)

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak!

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