Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Obvious Tips #1

There are couple of things you need to know about me.

I am not smart as you think I am. During my SPM year, I failed my Additional Mathematics and Physics class. I fought, and got B and C+ for SPM. During Matriculation, I got B for both Physics and Mathematics.

I was not interested being an engineer, at the time at least.

At 2013, during UPU result came in, I got into UTHM, for Engineering Tech. I was bummed. I thought I got psychology, at that time I was so all over psychology and wanting to become a guidance counsellor for schools or universities, but things are just not meant to be.

So Engineering Tech., I got into UTHM and learnt stuffs. I failed my quizzes during the first half of the midterm. Thus, I came up with the 'cheatcode'.

In gaming, cheatcodes are used, if you're noob, literally cheating onto finishing your missions. But for me, I use the term as my advantage.

Cheatcodes for me are;

1. Books used by your lecturers.

Having or at least knowing what books are your lecturers uses as reference. This is crucial. Most of your quizzes, test and finals questions came from these books. Thus, cheatcode number one. From here, all you need to do is excel all topics and exercises. One step closer towards A+.

2. RPP.

I think I have mentioned it before, RPP. RPP is like the backbone of every subject you are taking. You should have this for all of your subjects. But if you have the time, which I doubt you will have, study off-grid, for extra knowledge.

3. The notes that no one has.

This is obvious, but rarely seen, personally, I have 3 notes, the first one if from your lecturers. Usually slides, other than that also can. Second is your own, make them yourself, from what you understand, and do not leave any part out from your notes. The third one is simple/short notes for your tests/finals. The third one is seriously crucial. Thus, your final cheatcode.

Cheating is bad, and one should never cheat in anything. This one is different, they are your advantages.

Most of them are obvious, but are rarely seen, and I am not the only one using this method.