Monday, July 13, 2015

The First Class

Good morning scholars, we all know that holiday's coming to its end. The new semester have been preparing special things for you. Hogging to your computers no more because rumour has it the new semester is going to be tough.

Welcome to The First Class
We all have that one friend who has never achieved anything higher than 3.5 and lucky for him, he got 3.98 last semester. What are the odds? We are welcoming him to the First Class, an elite fictional group created by the lecturers dedicated to all students achieving astonishing results that many students craving for. Now that our friend is one of us, lets celebrate him by warm welcome with the contradiction of this fictional club.

Unruly of Justice
This club is elite and only handful of students are selected from the bunch. Selected? Yes. Every year, lecturer made a very tough decision on who he/she has to take out from the list. Confused? At the beginning of the semester, every students already got their A's and they have to guard their A's because lecturers can and will deduct their marks if the students does not meet with the lecturer's desire. Interesting theory isn't it? So, from time to time, one by one students are kicked out from the A list and fewer people are entering the First Class. Injustice or excellent?

Excellent Students vs Hard Work
Both have the equal potential in the fair game to earn themself the title of Dean's List and we are here to decide which are better? Excellent students are those who already have the privileges and all he/she has to do is kiss their lecturers ass. Don't get it wrong, some lecturers love that and some even encourage students to practise that. For the Hard Worker, those are the people who think a lot and devoted to his or hers studies. This people are the thinkers, they have original thoughts and are not the lecturers cup of coffee. They have to be careful living in this unruly world because someday they might be kicked out of the A list. 

So 3.98, do you still want to be in the First Class? ;)